Shawn Reddy


Meredith Mann

Shawn Reddy and Meredith Mann

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Our Story

Shawn and Meredith met for the first time in Houston, TX on August 5, 2015.

Meredith’s Side of the Story: After our first date, I was dishing all the details to my roommate Heather and was certain that Shawn unfortunately just really wasn't that into me and wasn't expecting him to ask me out again. I was pleasantly surprised when Shawn texted me the next day for Date #2 which consisted of a surprise trip to the Houston Aquarium, an impromptu horse drawn carriage ride through downtown, a stop at Okra Charity Bar, an attempted theft of a golf cart and a first kiss under the stars in Market Square Park. After that second date, I was no longer skeptical of Shawn’s feelings, but I officially knew he was “the one” when he picked me up from the airport after a 15-hour flight home from a trip to Romania with McKay and he still wanted to date me – I was not looking (or smelling) my best! Shawn still gives me butterflies in my stomach like that first date and always keeps a smile on my face with his thoughtful gifts “just because” and silly antics that keep me on my toes.

Shawn’s Side of the Story: After noticing Meredith worked at Royal Bank of Scotland in Houston downtown, I picked nearby Hearsay Gastro Lounge to meet for our first date to maximize the chances she would say yes. Little did I know she had recently moved on to a job at Mizuho Bank--all the way in the Galleria. Fortunately, she still showed up (although 10 minutes late, which should have prepared me for the next 5 years of our relationship). After our first date, I called my (now groomsmen) Tyler to tell him I thought I had met the woman of my dreams. Since our fourth date, I think we have seen each other every single day (that one of us hasn't been out of town), and I still feel like that hasn't been enough. I hope there are many, many more days to come that we spend together and with our friends and families.

Since those first dates, we fall more and more in love every day. We’ve been on countless travel adventures together, moved to Seattle together, met old friends, made new friends and started to build a beautiful, happy life together. We are so excited to stand in front of our closest friends and family and say I DO.. again! We are hoping by August 13, 2022 it will be safe to gather - and boy do we have a LOT of celebrating to get out of our systems!!