COVID-19 Postponement
Did you hear? We got married! We were heartbroken to announce in April that we postponed our wedding due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19. We've already tied the knot, but we can't wait to celebrate with everyone next summer! We will update the details on our website as we learn more. I Do Re-do August 13, 2022!
Shawn Reddy & Meredith Mann

Shawn Reddy


Meredith Mann


See you August 13, 2022!

Hi friends and family! We’ve officially decided to postpone our wedding to August 2022. We’re heartbroken that we must postpone our special day, but the health and safety of our loved ones (and their loved ones) is so much more important.

Celebrations will go on, and Shawn and I still very much love each other – even after being quarantined together for over a year now 😊! We can’t wait to celebrate with you next summer!

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